Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The KISS Creation

When I buy a really interesting strand of beads, I live with them. By this I mean, I put them on my workbench right next to me, for weeks or even months. Every day I look at them, I pick them up and feel them and yes, even talk to them. I try to imagine what they are meant to “be a part of”. What other beads, or chain or pendant complements them.

When I saw these beads at a recent Gem Show in San Diego, they took my breath away!!! Each bead was more stunning then the last!!! The vendor told me that they are rhyolite. They don’t look like “typical rhyolite”, but this vendor has thousands of exceptional quality beads and has always seemed to know “his business”. I bought this strand and took them to the studio “to live with them”. For weeks I have spent hours just staring at them, holding other beads up to them, draping sterling, then copper chain over them, putting them with a very nice large piece of rhyolite as a centerpiece.

Nothing made me happy. Then, I thought of the KISS principle…keep it simple, stupid!! These beads don’t need anything else to make them special!!! Everything else just takes away, distracts from how truly stunning these beads are. So, I put them together with just a few simple copper beads to space them so they lay nicely next to each other. The sides and back are a unique pattern of copper chain that I designed using existing copper links from several different chains. The necklace is finished with my signature copper “looped hook” clasp. The price for this one of a kind piece is $269. This beautiful necklace is currently available in my studio and will be featured on my website next week. This is your sneak preview!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's "Hot" in My Studio

We had a heat wave in San Diego this last week…still having one!!! Our studios in Spanish Village have no air conditioning, and it was almost too hot for any creative thoughts to survive. I did manage to make a piece that I am very pleased with and want to share with you. The beads on this piece are actually somewhat of a mystery…perhaps marble, I am told!!! I just know that they are very pretty, and different looking…just what I like!!! I have combined these “marble” barrels with copper and finished the necklace with one of my signature copper “looped hook” clasps. This piece is currently on display in my studio. I will be posting it to my website as my featured necklace next week, so this is your sneak preview!!! The length is 17.5” and the selling price of this unusual piece is $149. This creation is One-of-a-Kind!!!

I have also been trying my best to “fill out” my website. Seems I never get past posting new necklaces and other areas suffer!! This week I added several beaded bracelets to the bracelet page. To check them out and see what else I have been up to, go to my website at

Maureen King (Mo)
Silversmith/Jewelry Designer