Friday, August 17, 2007

All Josh Groban, All Day!!!!

When I am creating jewelry in my Studio in Spanish Village...if I have my way...I listen to Josh Groban...all day long. Occasionally, there is live music out on the patio that is loud enough that I have to turn off my stereo in the Studio...that throws off my whole day! There is something about sitting in my beautiful studio, in beautiful Spanish Village (in beautiful Balboa Park...San get the picture!) and listening to beautiful Josh! His music calms me and inspires me. I feel I make more beautiful jewelry because of his music. Probably 75% of the people coming into my studio comment on how much they love the music...a few think it is Bocelli...but most recognize Josh Groban and also love to listen to him. Josh's fans seem to cross over all age and social boundaries. The other day a woman with three small children came into the studio. The youngest...probably 5 or 6 years old looked at me and said..."I like this music...this is the last song on the favorite is number dad plays it in his truck every morning. My favorite is number 7." So I cued up number 7 which is "Canto Alla Vita" and he smiled and said..."This song is in another's my favorite." The boy didn't understand a word of the song, but Josh's beautiful music had touched him...just like the rest of us Josh Groban fans!

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